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Mailing Address Phone / Fax
Ampersand Printing P. 519.836.8800
999 York Road T. 800.560.5027
Guelph, Ontario F. 519.836.7204
Canada, N1E 6Y9  
E-Mail Directory
Mike McDonald     mike@ampersand.ca
Damian McDonald     damian@ampersand.ca
Customer Service     info@ampersand.ca
Accounting   accounting@ampersand.ca
Production   production@ampersand.ca
Prepress   prepress@ampersand.ca
Kellie Kunkel   kkunkel@ampersand.ca
Ellen Matthews   ematthews@ampersand.ca
James Nowell   james@ampersand.ca
David Scurr   dscurr@ampersand.ca

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