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We have the technology and the expertise to get your job done right, on time.

The power of print

In a digital world, print is tangible, real, present. It commands attention, and when done well, gets respect. At Ampersand, we understand the power of print materials to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. With decades of experience printing everything you can imagine, we have the technology and the expertise to get your job done right, on time. Every time. 


Print has a tangible, lasting presence in an ephemeral digital world. You want to make a concrete impression, one that lasts? Use print. Want to get your print projects completed on time and on budget, to exacting standards, and with an impeccable finish?

Use us.

over head press

We guide you through the process as much or as little as you need.

Print specification can be complex, but we will help you understand what matters when you need print material in high volume. Our 40 inch offset litho press is our workhorse—but if you don’t know what that is, it’s ok. We get you the final product you desire and require—even if you aren’t quite sure what that should be. 

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Print is our product,
but service is our business.

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Our 40 inch offset press runs up to 16,000 sheets an hour, giving us the capacity to run your high volume jobs. Combined with chemistry free plates that are fast to image and quick to change along with fast set ups that can be done in as little as 10 minutes, we are able to efficiently run low volume jobs on the same equipment.

Ideal for mid to high volume, offset printing is perfect for brochure printing, stationery, magazine printing, and even boxes.

Ampersand's Offset Printing Technology

Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LX

  • 28” x 40” 6 Colour + Aqueous Coater, with a printable image area of 27” x 39”

  • Complete air transfer system ensures mark free printing and enables us to print on a wide range of substrates from onion skin to 40pt board and plastics at speeds up to 16,000 sheets per hour

  • Fully automated and integrated to Ampersand’s award winning JDF digital workflow
  • First in North America to be fully JDF integrated to both Prepress and MIS (Management Information System)
  • Fully automated print control system monitors print quality and colour making adjustments automatically as required

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